Er - il film

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a film by Marco Martinelli
dedicated to the art-in-life of Ermanna
with Ermanna Montanari

montage of archival material Marco Martinelli, Francesco Tedde

press relations Rosalba Ruggieri
organization and promotion Marcella Nonni, Silvia Pagliano, with Francesca Venturi and Veronica Gennari

production Ravenna Teatro/Teatro delle Albe in collaboration with Antropotopia
Archival Material Teatro delle Albe

I brandelli della Cina che abbiamo in testa directed by Maria Martinelli, production Albe di Verhaeren, ST. ART; Ippolito directed by Gerardo Lamattina; Sterminio video by Alessandro Renda; L'Avaro video by Alessandro Tedde and Francesco Tedde; Siamo asini o pedanti? video by TV ARD/Germany; LUS directed by Gianni Celati, production Pierrot e la rosa; Perhindérion video by Stefano Mordini; Museum Historiae Ubuniversalis by Alessandro Renda, distribution Ubulibri; Ubu Buur by Alessandro Renda, distribution Ubulibri; Rosvita-Lettura Concerto by Aqua-Micans Group, distribution Luca Sossella Editore; Pantani video by Alessandro Renda and Marco Martinelli; L'isola di Alcina by Nico Garrone; Cenci video by Isabella Ciarchi

special thanks to Maria Martinelli, Cosetta Gardini, Laura Redaelli, and the donkeys of the Po plains and streets of Campiano



Er is a 2020 film by Marco Martinelli that extracts a “golden section” from his archive of work created over four decades with Ermanna Montanari.

Er is a homage to Ermanna and her art as actress and author ever in search of new forms, sounds, voices. Images from their productions are graft to a long walk taken by Ermanna, seen from behind, striding along a road in her native Romagnol countryside. Scenes from plays emerge and flower in counterpoint to her step. Er takes us into the mind of Ermanna, evoking the combination of errancy and error at the root of Platonic thought.

Errancy—wandering freely—is at the root of a poetics of making/unmaking/re-making ever present in the theatre of Ermanna and Marco: always on the road, a mise en scène that is a mise en vie.
director’s Note

This film was born from a desire to give thanks for the extraordinary art of Ermanna, her visage and voice; to reciprocate the gift she has given me over forty years of life and theatre together.
 The key to the film is the journey undertaken by Er in Book Ten of Plato’s Republic: Er is a warrior who, dying, descends into underworld together with other souls, where he is told that he will return to life only after having first traveled throughout the realm of death so that he later may tell the living what awaits them. I have found the perfect myth to express this actress’s practice of plunging into the unconscious, encountering the demons and angels who inhabit what Ermanna calls “my condominium”. Ermanna, a rare name for a woman, derives from Hermann, German for “warrior”.
 Around Ermanna’s walk along the country roads of her native Romagna, I have woven, together with Francesco Tedde, scenes from films in Teatro delle Albe’s archive, images shot by other directors, fragments of spectacle from Siamo asini o pedanti? (1989) to Pantani (2012).

Marco Martinelli

Debut FilmMaker Festival, Milano, december 5 2020

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