Alessandro Renda

Alessandro Renda approaches Teatro delle Albe participating to a few non-school workshops.

In 1998 he is chosen to perform as one of the twelve palotini in the show I Polacchi, written and directed by Marco Martinelli, and inspired by Alfred Jarry’s Ubu the King. The twelve palotini get a nomination as “best actors under 30” for the 1999 Ubu Prize. 
After I Polacchi, he joins the company permanently and will hereafter perform in many of its subsequent shows.
In 2000 he plays in a restaging of Karl Valentin’s Tingeltangel, and appears both in L'isola di Alcina and in Baldus. He and the other young actors in Baldus get a nomination as “best actors under 30” for the 2001 Ubu Prize.       
In 2002 he plays in Sogno di una notte di mezza estate, a rewriting of William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night's Dream by Marco Martinelli.
In 2004 he interprets the role of Doctor Julius T. Merletto in Salmagundi, a patriotic fable written and directed by Marco Martinelli.
In 2005 he plays in La canzone degli F.P. e degli I.M., “public reading” taken from the same-title text by Elsa Morante.
In 2006 he plays the double role of devil-janitor in LEBEN, while in 2008 he interprets the role of the son in Antonio Tarantino’s Stranieri.
In 2010 he plays in Rumore di acque, written and directed by Marco Martinelli, an intense monologue capable of transfiguring into grotesque and melancholy poetry the tragic stories of boats adrift in the Mediterranean Sea.

Since 2001 he has been a guide in the non-school workshops held in Ravenna.

In 2006 and 2007 he is one of the guides in ARREVUOTO, a three-year project of Teatro Mercadante directed by Marco Martinelli and curated by Roberta Carlotto, which brings the experience of non-school to Naples and Scampia.

In September 2010 he and Roberto Magnani are the guides in a workshop on Vladimir Majakovskij held in Rio de Janeiro, the result of a collaboration between Rio de Janeiro’s Italian Institute of Culture and the NGO Galpao Aplauso.
In 2010 he directs, with Marco Martinelli, Sophocles’s Cercatori di tracce, a workshop with 60 Italian and Tunisian youths, which is part of the project Voci dal Mediterraneo promoted by Fondazione San Vito Onlus, based in Mazara del Vallo. The joyous finale, after the debut in Mazara and the show in Palermo, has been Ravenna Festival’s prologue in 2010.

In 2011 non-school in Mazara proceeded, ending with the show Uccelli, loosely based on Aristophanes’s text.

In 2013 he, Alessandro Argnani and Elisabetta Granara are the guides of the workshop Viaggio al centro della terra, loosely based on Jules Verne’s novel, and realised in San Felice sul Panaro, a village severely damaged by Emilia 2012 earthquake, under Marco Martinelli’s artistic direction. 

Since 2003 he has been responsible for Teatro delle Albe’s video-making.
In 2003 he is the author of Athens 1600 (15'), a video based on Teatro delle Albe’s Sogno di una notte di mezza estate.

In 2006 Mighty Mighty Ubu (29') is released, a video that documents the experience Teatro delle Albe had in Chicago’s Senn High School with Afro-American students, when they reinvented the show I Polacchi. Edited and directed with the help of Giovanni Belvisi, Mighty Mighty Ubu arrived at the finals of the 2006 Internation Cinema Festival Periferie del mondo-Periferia immaginaria (dedicated to the peripheral and emerging audio-visual culture), and was chosen at 2006 JEFF Film Festival and at Festival Corti da Sogni, where it gained a special mention for its musical selections.

In 2008 three more videos were released upon publication of SUBURBIA (Ubulibri Editions), a book that retraces the stages of Albe’s long-time work on Jarry.

Ubu Buur (63'), which tells the experience Albe had in building the same-title show in Diol Kadd, has been chosen at 2008 EtnoFilmFest-Mostra del Cinema Documentario Etnografico and gained a special mention for the sector “Digital Experience” at the First Young and Independent Cinema Festival (FESTIVAL DEL CINEMA GIOVANILE INDIPENDENTE). It was also finalist at the festival DOCUNDER30, organised by D.E-R, Associazione Documentaristi Emilia Romagna, in collaboration with Emilia-Romagna Legislative Assembly and the University of Bologna, and was selected for Rome’s DOC FEST 2010-International Festival of Documentaries on Art, Architecture, Archeology, Cinema, Theatre, Music and Dance.

Ubu sotto tiro (63'), which retraces the experience of ARREVUOTO project with boys from Naples and Scampia, is presented as non-competing film at the Festival del Cinema Invisibile, where it is chosen for the prestigious documentary festival Premio Libero Bizzarri (Experimental  Sector Il nostro tempo è ora), in the 2008 competition Visioni Fuori Raccordo Film Festival and as non-competing at the 2010 ARES Film & Media Festival.

In the same DVD attached to the book SUBURBIA, besides the already mentioned Mighty Mighty UbuUbu sotto tiro e Ubu Buur, there also appears Museum Historiae Ubuniversalis (44'), a homage to the dramaturgic construction of I Polacchi.

In 2011 he creates, with Aqua-Micans Group, "agō-go", a collective of videomakers for Santarcangelo 41, under Ermanna Montanari’s artistic direction.

In 2013 he shoots in Venice, with Francesco Tedde, Eresia della Felicità a Venezia, a documentary on the project of the same-title devised by Teatro delle Albe, while with Leila Marzocchi he creates Gandersheim, a short animation movie inspired by the concert-reading Rosvita by Teatro delle Albe.
Besides realising videos and documentaries on experiences and shows by Teatro delle Albe, in 2011 he gains a special mention at the Land Side Ubik contest for the poetic, visionary quality of his short film Non abbiamo paura delle rovine, while in 2013 he is one of the 15 authors selected for Ravenna2019 Visual Hub, a project created by Ravenna Cinema under Gerardo Lamattina’s artistic direction, with the short film TWO SHORT STORIES ABOUT THE IMAGINATIVE POWER OF RAVENNA.