Luigi Dadina

In 1983, along with Marco Martinelli, Ermanna Montanari and Marcella Nonni, he founded the Teatro delle Albe and worked in the company as an actor-author, contributing to the group’s original orientation which unites research and tradition, invention of contemporary languages and attention to one’s own ethnic heritage. He acted in many of the company’s plays, among which Ruh, Romagna Più Africa uguale, Siamo asini o pedanti?, Bonifica, Lunga vita all’albero, I Refrattari, Incantati, All’Inferno! and Perhindérion, works written and directed by Marco Martinelli.

With the birth of Ravenna Teatro in 1991, Luigi Dadina continued his dramatic career in two directions: on the one hand as actor in works written and directed by Marco Martinelli, and on the other as author and director. Together with the Senegalese actor Mandiaye N’Diaye he created Griot Fulêr (1993) a play which, for the originality of the African and Romagna stories which are told, was mentioned at the 1995-96 National Stregagatto Prize. The book of Griot Fulêr, edited by Laura Gambi, was published by AIEP.

In the wake of this show Dadina, in 1996, put on the long story Narrazione della pianura, his own text and the result of a journey from Romagna to the heart of Africa.

Dadina’s story-telling skills come from the tradion of story-tellers who, in the last century, wandered in the Romagna countryside from house to house, from stable to stable in order to tell stories.

Luigi Dadina’s ideas are behind several theatrical projects which are renewed from year to year: Voci della Resistenza («Voices from the Resistance»), together with participants in those events which have marked our history, and Le Vie dei Canti («The Roads of Songs»), a project involving theatre, music and literature and aimed at the immigrant community, and Trebbi nella pineta di Classe («Chatting in the Classe pinewood»), night-time stories by the fireplace. In 2001 he creates Lido Adriano, porta d’oriente («Lido Adriano, a door to the East»), events and and social-cultural investigation in the a-tipycal territorial developement in Lido Adriano.

In 2001 he acts in Al Placido Don, a story written in pair with Renata Molinari, where he is the director and the only character.

As far as his commitment in Marco Martinelli’s plays is concerned, in 2000 he works in Baldus, riscrittura per lampi da Teofilo Folengo, in 2002 he acts in Sogno di una notte di mezza estate by Marco Martinelli as Theseus, and in 2004 he plays in Salmagundi.

November 2006 saw the debut of Teatro delle Albe’s dyptich, formed by the LEBEN, dramaturgy by Marco Martinelli and Werner Schwab’s Sterminio. In the former show, Dadina plays the double role of LEBEN’s ex-president and Barone Giacometti, while in the latter he plays Mr Kovacic. 
In October 2008 he debuts with Antonio Tarantino’s Stranieri, the new achievement of contemporary dramaturgy by Teatro delle Albe, where he interprets the role of a man shut up in his house and haunted by the ghosts of his relatives. 
In 2010 he is on stage with L’Avaro.
In 2012 he acts in PANTANI in the role of the cyclist’s father: for this interpretation he received a nomination to the 2013 Ubu Prize as “Best supporting actor”.

Since 1994 he has been a guide in the non-school workshops, and since 2001 he has conducted in Lido Adriano, with Il Lato Oscuro della Costa – a rap band from Ravenna –, a workshop with a group of adolescents both from Italy and abroad.
As of now, he is the President of Ravenna Teatro, “Teatro Stabile di Innovazione”, founded by Teatro delle Albe in 1991.