Vanitas Vanitatum

1986 Ermanna Montanari wins the prize "Opera Prima" in Narni for "the relevance of her work as actress-author"


Teatro delle Albe wins the prize "Opera Prima" in Narni for Ruh. Romagna piu Africa uguale by Marco Martinelli.

1993 Ravenna Teatro receives Ubu Prize nomination 


Raffaello Baldini’s play Zitti tutti!, directed by Marco Martinelli, wins the Ubu Prize for the “singularity of the linguistic debut”.

1995 Marco Martinelli wins the Drammaturgua In/finita Prize for Incantati.

1996 Ravenna Teatro wins the Ubu Prize for “commitment and linguistic research”.


Ravenna Teatro reaches the final of the National Stregagatto Prize with Luigi Dadini and Mandiaye N’Diaye’s Griot Fulêr.

1997 Ermanna Montanari wins the Ubu Prize best Italian actress nomination.

1997 Marco Martinelli wins the Ubu Prize for “dramaturgy on the classics”.

1999 Marco Martinelli wins the Hystrio Prize for directors.

1999 Teatro delle Albe’s I Polacchi (The poles) gets three nominations for the Ubu Prize: “play of the year”, “direction” and “new actor or actress (under 30)”.


Ermanna Montanari wins the Ubu Prize for italian “best actress” for Alcina’s Island by Nevio Spadoni. Alcina’s Island, directed by Marco Martinelli, was also nominated as "best performance of the year" and as "best Italian new text ".

2001 Roberto Magnani wins the "Scommesse per il futuro" Prize (given by "Lo Straniero" review, directed by Goffredo Fofi) for his interpretation in Baldus by Marco Martinelli.

2001 Ermanna Montanari wins the “Adelaide Ristori” Prize of Mittelfest 2001 for L’isola di Alcina’s performance.

2001 The young actors of Baldus (Roberto Magnani, Alessandro Bonoli, Gerardo De Vita, Alessandro Renda, Luca Fagioli, Francesco Antonelli, Beppe Aurilia) get a nomination for the Ubu Prize: “new actor or actress (under 30)”.

2002 The Teatro delle Albe receives the Prize “for the value of the work” from the International Fadjr Festival of Teheran jury for the play The Poles.

2002 Luigi Ceccarelli wins the Ubu prize for “the score and the musical dramaturgy” of Requiem for Fanny & Alexander and A Midsummer Night’s dream for the Teatro delle Albe.

2003 Teatro delle Albe’s I Polacchi wins two Prize from the International "Mess" Festival of Sarajevo: the Golden Laurel to Marco Martinelli for "direction" and the Golden Laurel to Ermanna Montanari for “best actress”.

2005 Marco Martinelli places second for the Ubu prize 2005 in the category “New Italian Text” for Salmagundi. Favola patriottica.


Ermanna Montanari receives Lo Straniero Prize “alla memoria di Carmelo Bene”.

2006 Marco Martinelli wins the prize of the Theatre Critics National Association 2006 for Arrevuoto: Scampia – Napoli, a three–year project direct by Martinelli and promoted by Teatro Mercadante of Neaples.

2007 The project Arrevuoto: Scampia – Napoli  (directed by Marco Martinelli, curated by Roberta Carlotto and promoted by Teatro Mercadante of Neaples) wins the Special Ubu prize 2006 for  “the social, pedagocic and human importance of the project , led in a socially disadvantaged environment, and for the expressive power of his stagings".

2007 Alessandro Argnani wins the Ubu prize 2006 for “New actor" (under 30).

2008 The Teatro delle Albe wins the "Hystrio Prize – altre muse"  “ per il decennale percorso attraverso Ubu, which put into the limelight on national and international scene the theatre company from Ravenna. Jarry masterpiece became a universal, transnational and interracial parable about the lust for power and its  tragic consequences.

2008 Sterminio (People's Extermination) by Werner Schwab, directed by Marco Martinelli and presented by Teatro delle Albe, wins the Ubu prize 2007 nomination as “performance of the year”.

2008 Marco Martinelli wins the Ubu Prize 2007 for “best director” for the performance Sterminio(People's Extermination)
by Werner Schwab.

2008 Ermanna Montanari wins the Ubu Prize 2007 "best Italian actress" nomination for the performance Sterminio (People's Extermination) by Werner Schwab.

2008 Sterminio (People's Extermination) by Werner Schwab, put on stage by Teatro delle Albe, direction by Marco Martinelli, wins the Ubu prize nomination for “best scenography” designed by Vincent Longuemare and Enrico Isola.

2008 Sterminio by Werner Schwab, put on stage by Teatro delle Albe, direction by Marco Martinelli, wins the Ubu Prize 2007 "best foreigner novelty" (foreigner text staged in Italy).

2008 Vincent Longuemare wins the special Ubu prize "for having marked since many years with his lighting projects the Albe's performances, with a spirit of set designer that completes the director's work".

2009 Teatro delle Albe has been awarded with the International Prize “Teresa Pomodoro” for the performance Ubu buur. The International Prize "Teresa Pomodoro" has been conceived and realized by NO'HMA Association, together with the cultural department of the municipality of Milan; it is a prestigious award given to European theatre artists that stand out for the mixture between life and stage. Dedicated to the memory of Teresa Pomodoro, playwriter and actress dead in 2008, the Prize was presented by a Jury composed by excellent figures of the international theatre scene: the directors LUCA RONCONI, LEV DODIN, EUGENIO BARBA, and the director of Edimbourgh Festival, JONATHAN MILLS; by the President of the Jury Livia Pomodoro, Teresa's sister and coordinator of the theatre NO'HMA.

2009 The most important and prestigious Festival of North Africa, the fourteenth Journées Théâtrales de Carthage, held in Tunis every two years, give Marco Martinelli – Teatro delle Albe playwright and director – their career achievement award “for having passed through the history of Journées Théâtrales, taking part in four events with his company, and for work that has made a profound mark on the international theatre scene.”

2010 Ermanna Montanari has been awarded for the third time the Premio Ubu 2009 for “best Italian actress” for the performance Rosvita “concert-lecture”, her reworking of Rosvita di Gandersheim’s dramas, directed by Marco Martinelli. The 61 theatre critics, who took part at the referendum, underlined the extraordinary vocal performance of Ermanna Montanari, an actress-author whose remarkable qualities keep her continually at the top of Italian theatre.

2010 In Punta Corsara, the project invented and directed between 2007 and 2009 by Marco Martinelli, was awarded the special prize  Ubu 2010 with the following motivation: "Punta Corsara, the scene of Scampia's kidsas evidence of a learning theater lived with people of a hostile land, they found through the artistic expression other times of life and tools to raise the morale. A brave project, able to work in theterritory with a national scope increasing a generational, both on the artistic than on the technical and administrative, which our country deeply needs".

2010 In Punta Corsara, the project invented and directed between 2007 and 2009 by Marco Martinelli, was awarded the prize Hystrio-altre muse 2010 with the following motivation: "Sponsored by Fondazione Campania dei Festival and born in 2007 with Marco Martinelli as artistic director and Debora Pietrobono as organizational director, Punta Corsara is the bravest project of the italian theater scene of the last years. The team has created around the two directors, that today were replaced by Emanuele Valenti and Marina Dammacco, grew and resisted day after day, realizing a mission impossible: join theatrical activity, training and relationship with an hostile land. Meeting place of these activities is the Scampia's auditorium, before unused, today restored - thanks to Punta Corsara and to the strong will of people who animate this place - to its natural function and,especially, to the neighborhood that houses and its people. The most important part of this project is restructuring of this space indeed (ongoing and no without difficulties), with the idea of being stubborn in places, talk with ordinary people and with civil society as with the "insiders", let it be the territory to tell himself".

2011 L'Avaro by Teatro delle Albe, directed by Marco Martinelli and interpreted by Ermanna Montanari (Arpagone) with all the troupe, win as "best show of the year" the contest "Last Seen 2010", held by Editor picks from ten best shows of 2010 and then L'Avaro won an on line referendum with 1.431 votes.

2011 Marco Martinelli received the “IDfest 2011 Incontra il teatro che cambia” prize in the frame of Imperia DAMS Festival, as "master of the contemporary theatre scene".

2011 Marco Martinelli received the prize Città di Ravenna for the Intercultural work “for his long artistic path with great attention to the interculture and in particular for the show Rumore di acque".

2012 Marco Martinelli received the Special Ubu Prize for Eresia della felicità (Heresy of Happiness). The jury, consisting of 54 critics on the national theatre scene, gave the following reason: “Marco Martinelli/Teatro delle Albe’s Eresia della felicità (Santarcangelo and Venice), an extraordinary alchemy of Mayakovskian poetry and adolescent energy, pedagogical inspiration and theatre questions, fortified by the ‘asinine’ and ‘Dionysian’ vocation of a teacher-child intent, with the entire itinerary of the non-school, on ‘saving the world with kids.’”.  

Ermanna Montanari won the very important "Eleonora Duse" Theatre Prize, the only Italian prize for a theatre actress who has particularly distinguished herself in the course of the season in one or more shows in Italy or abroad. Established in 1986, sponsored and organised by the Banca Popolare Commercio e Industria(UBI Banca Group), the "Duse Prize" is presented by an authoritative Jury consisting of Anna Bandettini (Chairwoman), Magda Poli, Maria Grazia Gregori, Renato Palazzi and Carlo Maria Pensa.
The name of Ermanna  Montanari is therefore added to those of former prize-winners who include Mariangela Melato, Franca Valeri, Maddalena Crippa, Alida Valli, Anna Proclemer, Milena Vukotic, Anna Bonaiuto.

2013 Marco Martinelli has won the 2013 Premio Ubu as “best playwright” for his PANTANI. It's the fourteenth Premio Ubu in the Teatro delle Albe-Ravenna Teatro’s abundant list of honours, his fourth personal award after those for “dramaturgy on the classics”, “best director” and “important educational work with adolescents”. The “Oscars” of Italian theatre, devised by Franco Quadri, are promoted by the Associazione Ubu per Franco Quadri which aims to give continuity to the great theatre critic and publisher’s guidelines. Another two nominations for the play about the tragic life of the Cesenatico cyclist, a “rite of memory” in which sport becomes the mirror of a sick society obsessed with success at all costs: “best directing” also to Martinelli and “best supporting actor” to Luigi Dadina as the champion’s father Paolo Pantani

2015 Marco Martinelli ha vinto l’undicesima edizione del Premio Enriquez-Città di Sirolo nella sezione Registi di impegno sociale e civile “per la splendida regia dello spettacolo Vita agli arresti di Aung San Suu Kyi, per aver saputo, attraverso il racconto della vita di questa straordinaria figura femminile, farci riflettere sui contenuti del nostro mondo, sui valori etici sociali e civili che costituiscono le fondamenta di una civiltà, regalandoci un vero inno alla vita”.

2015 Ermanna Montanari ha vinto l’undicesima edizione del Premio Enriquez-Città di Sirolo nella sezione Attori e Attrici di impegno sociale e civile “per la splendida interpretazione dello spettacolo Vita agli arresti di Aung San Suu Kyi, per averci saputo regalare uno splendido esempio di senso civile attraverso la straordinaria figura femminile di Aung San Suu Kyi, e raccontato la meraviglia del vivere”.



Marco Martinelli vince il “Premio Teodorico” per il settore cultura, "per l'impegno profuso nel mondo del teatro contemporaneo che lo ha portato ai vertici della scena nazionale e internazionale come regista e drammaturgo, ma anche per il forte impegno sociale manifestato con il coinvolgimento teatrale dei giovani delle periferie di grandi città italiane."


Ermanna Montanari received the F.I.D.A.P.A. (Federation of Business and Professional Women - Italy) award from the Emilia-Romagna chapter. The award was established in 1991 with the purpose of highlight the partecipation and the contribution of women in various productive sectors. It is given once every two years to a woman who stood in her professional activity.


The Cultural Relations Centre of the Municipality of Ravenna has awarded Marco Martinelli and Ermanna Montanari the Lauro Dantesco ad honorem 2017 for the devising, art direction and directing of INFERNO Public call for Dante Alighieri’s “Divine Comedy”, acknowledging the merit of having “led a city and its citizens to be themselves a cultural worksite and an instrument of restoring a profound Dantesque identity”.


The National Association of Theater Critics gives Ermanna Montanari the 2017 Critics Award for Best Actress for INFERNO Chiamata pubblica per la "Divina Commedia" di Dante Alighieri.

[motivations of the Prize]


The Ubu Association for Franco Quadri assigns Ermanna Montanari and Marco Martinelli the Ubu Prize 2017 "Best curatorial project" for INFERNO Chiamata Pubblica per la "Divina Commedia" di Dante Alighieri, conceived and directed by Martinelli and Montanari, production Ravenna Festival in coproduction with Teatro delle Albe / Ravenna Theater.


The Ubu Association for Franco Quadri assigns Ermanna Montanari the Ubu Prize 2018 "Best actress" for fedeli d'Amore and Va pensiero.




Marco Martinelli and Ermanna Montanari receive the Articolo 21 and Federazione Nazionale Stampa Italiana (Italian National Press Federation) Award for the shows Va pensiero e Saluti da Brescello.


For the project The sky over Kibera, directed by Marco Martinelli, Avsi were awarded the Italian Senate’s 2019 Voluntary Work Prize, Culture section.